Network Monitoring System (NMS)

Alarm Monitoring Software

Product Description

NMS™ Is A Full-Featured Alarm Reporting Software Package Capable Of Monitoring Up To 48 Individual Alarms From Up To 32 Remote Sites For A Total Of 1,536 Alarm Points. Alarm Information Is Gathered Over The LAN/WAN/Internet Network Using TCP/IP Protocol, Or Via Direct RS232/422 COM Port Connections. This Robust Program Allows For Adding Additional Sites/Alarm Points Or Temporarily Disabling Sites Or Alarm Points Without Interrupting The Alarm Monitoring Process.
The Main Summary Screen Allows The Operator To View The Overall Alarm System Status At A Glance. The Site Screen Provides Specific Alarm Details Such As Alarm Severity, Alarm Counts, Elapsed Times, Etc. Distinctive Visual And Audible Indicators Occur When Any Point Being Monitored Changes State Or Site Communications Are Interrupted. A Permanent Time/Date Stamped Record Of All Activity Can Be Saved To The System And Site Log Files. The Current Event Log Can Be Printed Out At Any Time.
Email Notifications/Cell Phone Text Messages Can Be Sent Out Based On Critical, Major, Minor And Communications Severity Groups. Notifications May Be Configured For Full Time Or Only When The Facility Is Unmanned. Up To (8) Different Email Addresses May Be Configured To Receive Notifications Where Each Address May Receive Notifications For Its Own Individual Severity Group.
An Intuitive User Interface Allows For Configuring And Labeling Alarm Points To Suit The User’s Application. All Configuration And Operational Features Are Password Protected To Prevent Accidental Or Unauthorized Changes.

Alarm Monitoring Network Monitoring System (NMS) Software
Price: $500.00
Manufacturer: Puleo Electronics
Part Number: NMS