PE102 I/O Installation Package

Product Description

PE102 I/O Package Includes:

  • (1) PE302-004-1 Cross Connect
  • (2) PE413-25MM-X 180/90 25 Pair Connectorized Cable

PE413-25MM-X 180/90:

A 25 pair Connectorized cable which is X feet in length and has a 180º Male Bail Mount connector used to connect to the PE102 Alarm Annunciator and a 90 º Male Screw Mount connector used to connect to the PE302-004-1 Cross Connect.


A Cross Connect which accepts (2) 25 pair Connectorized cables with 90 º Male connectors and separates each of them out to 100 correspondingly numbered Mini-Screw Terminals. Wires up to # 14AWG can be connected to these terminals. The connectors are 50 pin Centronics type. The unit mounts in a 19” Rack. (23” extender ears are available, specify at time of order).

Many configurations are available off the shelf from stock, for immediate delivery.
Alarm Annunciator PE102 I/O Installation Package
Price: Starting at: $195.12
Manufacturer: Puleo Electronics
Part Number: PE102 I/O Package


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