25 Pair Connectorized Cable

Product Description

25 Pair Connectorized Cables consist of 25 twisted pairs of #24AWG solid copper wire insulated with .008" semi rigid PVC in an olive grey jacket. They were made for indoor use and are color coded according to the telecommunications industry standard. The connectors are 50-pin Centronics type. The 180° connector is available in bail and screw mount, and the 90° connector is available in screw mount only.

Please Note:

  • A cable that is too long is rarely a problem, but a cable that is too short, even by an inch, is always a problem. So to be safe, always overestimate the required length when ordering a cable. The additional cost of the extra length of cable is much less than the cost in both time and money of returning the cable that is too short and ordering another cable that is too long but long enough.
  • Custom configurations cannot be ordered over the internet and must be ordered over the phone or by way of e-mail.
  • The PE302-001-X, PE302-002-X & PE302-004-X Cross Connects require cables with 90° connectors.
Many configurations are available off the shelf from stock, for immediate delivery.
25 Pair Connectorized Cable 90 Degree Screw Mount Male Connector
25 Pair Connectorized Cable 90 Degree Screw Mount Male Connector26 Pair Connectorized Cable 90 Degree Screw Mount Female Connector25 Pair Connectorized Cable 180 Degree Bail Mount Male Connector25 Pair Connectorized Cable 180 Degree Screw Mount Female Connector
Price: starting at $36.00
Manufacturer: Puleo Electronics
Part Number: PE413-25
Configuration: PE413-25MM-5


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