PE20 Alarm Annunciator

Product Description

Model PE20 is a solid-state (CMOS) alarm system designed for industrial applications and equipped with alarm memory. The application of microprocessor techniques ensures low power consumption and high reliability of equipment.
Up to 20 alarm circuits (NO/NC contacts) can be connected to each unit.
Model PE20 is a self contained alarm with individual alarm indicator lamps for each point. An alarm is indicated by a light emitting diode (LED 0.5"x0.25"), which has a virtually unlimited life.
Table of ISA sequences utilizable are ISA-A and ISA-FIA.
The unit is available in 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 125Vdc, 115Vac, or 220Vac versions (The 125Vdc and 115Vac versions are available from stock all others are 4 week delivery)
The optional Wall Mount Bracket is used to mount the PE20 Annunciators to the wall.

Product Feature

  • 20 alarm circuits
  • uP Logic ISA-A and ISA-F1A Sequences
  • Optically Isolated
  • 72x144 mm DIN CASE (2.83"x5.67")
  • Front Identification Labels Easily Removable

General Specifications

Inputs:NO/NC contacts
Optically isolated
External TEST and ACK
Outputs:Horn relay contacts
Common alarm relay contacts
Indication<:/td>Double LED red high efficiency (0.5" x 0.25")
Alarm Sequence:ISA-A(ISA-1) or ISA-F1A (ISA-4A) Programmable
Flash Frequency:90 pulses/min
Circuit Technology:up circuit C-CMOS
Power Requirements:115/230Vac 50/60Hz | 10%
Power Consumption:6 Watts
Operating Temperature:0-50C (32.0 - 122F)
Storage Temperature:-20 - 70C (-4.0 - 158 F)
Terminals:Screw terminals pluggable
Mounting:Plug-in with panel mounting sleeve
Case:Self - extinguish ABS resin
Overall dimensions:72 x 144 x 170 mm to DIN 43700 (2.83" x 5.67" x 6.69")
Panel Cut Out:72mm X 144mm or (2.83" X 5.67")
Weight:1Kg (32.5oz)
Many configurations are available off the shelf from stock, for immediate delivery.
PE20 Alarm Annunciator
PE20 Alarm AnnunciatorPE20 Alarm Annunciator with Wall Mount
Price: $845.00
Manufacturer: Puleo Electronics
Part Number: PE20


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Power Input*
Add Wall Mount Bracket
Add 19" Rack Mount Plate ($125)
Add Plexiglass Front Cover ($29)

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