About Our Company - Puleo Electronics Inc.


Puleo Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1968. It has since grown into an international company with customers and affiliates worldwide.

Puleo provides products as well as engineering services to its customers. Experienced engineers assist customers in the application of Puleo products and also develop products and engineering solutions to suit customer's requirements.


Technically, Puleo is focused in 3 areas:

  • Monitor and Control Systems, hardware and software
  • Power Distribution and Protection Systems
  • Interconnection devices used in Electronic Systems


Customers range from small startups to very large established companies.

Main customers are within the following industries:

  • Electric Power Utilities
  • Gas and Oil
  • Satellites
  • Telecommunications
  • Local and Federal Government Agencies
  • Air Traffic Control

Contact Us

Email: Puleo Electronics, Inc
Phone: (516)599-4875

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