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PE725 Alarm Annunciator (configurable)

Price: Contact
Part Number: PE725
Configuration: PE725-nnnA-PU
Manufacturer: Puleo Electronics

PE725 Numbering System

PE725 Numbering System

PE725 Product Features

  • ASIC Technology With "No Master Module" And No Single Point Of Failure
  • Alarm Sequences And Function Are Fully Programmable From The Front Panel
  • Factory Programmed For Standard Sequence And User Re-Programmable
  • 2 To 256 Point Annunciator
  • Ultra-Bright LED's Or Bulbs Behind Windows With A Choice Of Six Colors
  • 3 Window Sizes: 1.18" x 1.18", 1.18" x 2.36", 2.36" x 2.36"
  • Built-In Horn
  • Operational Buttons: ACK, Mute, Reset, First Reset
  • Diagnostic Buttons: System Test, Lamp Test
  • Only 5.31" Or 135mm Installed Depth
  • 5 Common Relay Outputs, All Relay Contacts Are Rated At Switching Current 2 A @ 24 VDC, 0.5 A @ 125 VDC
  • Optional Individual Repeat Relays For All Points
  • The Multifunction Relay Jumpers Are Set To Select The Watchdog Function. These Contacts Are Normally Open. In The Event that The 24 VDC Power To The Annunciator Fails, These Contacts Will Close. The Factory Will Preprogram This Feature
  • The Common Alarm Output Will Be HNA For All Alarms. The Factory Will Program All Alarms To Output HNA
  • All Inputs Are Opto-Coupled And Isolated From The Supply On Request
  • Standard Field Alarm Contact Voltage of 24 VDC Or Volt Free Contacts
  • Optional Field Alarm Contact Voltage of 5 VDC Open Collector, 48 Vdc, 110 Vdc, 125 Vdc
  • Standard Power Input of 24 VDC
  • Optional Power Supplies Or DC/DC Converters Supplied To Convert From Other AC Or DC Voltages
  • Optional Modbus, Baud Rate 4.8k or 9.6k, RS485 Communication Output
  • Panel Or Rack Mounting

PE725 Cabinet Dimensions

# CellsOverall SizeCut-Out Size
Puleo PE725 Annunciator, 28 alarm points
Puleo PE725 Annunciator, 28 alarm pointsPuleo PE725 Annunciator, 14 alarm pointsPuleo PE725 Annunciator, 48 alarm points


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RS-485 / RS-422 Communications Board