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PE725 Annunciator, 4 Alarm Points

Price: $708.79
Part Number: PE725-S-1W2H-6T-4A-SL-R-FCxxx-PU
Manufacturer: Puleo Electronics

Product Description

4-Point Annunciator with Optional Wall Mount Bracket and Optional Power Supply. AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY!

The cells can be arranged in various configurations, other than that shown in the image. Contact Puleo for further information.

The optional Wall Mount Bracket is used to mount the PE725 4-Point Annunciator to the wall. See PE725 Wall Mount Bracket for further description.

Drawing PDF: PE725 4-Point Annunciator Features

Product Features

  • 4 Point Annunciator
  • 1 cell wide x 2 cells high
  • Window size: 1.18" x 1.18"
  • Overall assembly size: 6.5" W x 7.9" H x 6.8" D
  • Ultra-bright white LED's behind white windows
  • Built-In alarm horn
  • Operational Buttons: ACK, Mute, Reset, First Reset
  • Diagnostic Buttons: System Test, Lamp Test
  • Factory programmed for standard sequence
  • User re-programmable
  • 5 common relay outputs: HNA, HNB, GPA, GPB, MULT.
  • Relay contacts rated for resistive loads: 2A @ 24Vdc, 0.5A @ 48Vdc, 0.4A @ 120Vac.
  • Multifunction relay jumpers configured for Watchdog. These contacts are normally open, and close on power loss.
  • The common alarm output is HNA for all alarms. The factory programs all alarms to output HNA.
  • Individual repeat relays for all points; relay contacts are capable of switching 125Vdc
  • Available Field Contact voltage: 24Vdc, 48Vdc, or 125Vdc
  • Power input: 24Vdc @ 0.35 Amps
  • Optional Wall Mount Bracket or Panel mounting (default)

Field Contact FCxxx Selection Table

FCxxxVoltage Range Vac or VdcCurrent Per Input
249-332.4 mA
4819-701.6 mA
12572-1351.0 mA

Optional Power Supply Selection Table

Site VoltagePS ModelFC Voltage
120/240 VacPE014-10924 Vdc
125 VdcPE014-109125 Vdc
48 VdcPE014-11048 Vdc



Puleo PE725 Annunciator, 4 alarm points
Puleo PE725 Annunciator, 4 alarm pointsPuleo PE725 Annunciator, 4 alarm pointsPuleo PE725 Annunciator, 4 points, with Wall MountPuleo PE014-109 Power SupplyPuleo PE014-110 Power SupplyPE725 4 Point Annunciator FeaturesPE725 4 Point Annunciator Power Supply & FC Options


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