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PE103-48-2B Alarm Annunciator

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Part Number: PE103-48-2B
Manufacturer: Puleo Electronics

Product Description


  • Auxiliary Relay Output for Each Point Monitored
  • Chassis Size 19" W x 5¼" H x 13" D
  • Alarm Input Polarity Common in Groups of 4 Points
  • Monitors 48 Points
  • Sequence No. 1 or No. 3

General Features

  • Dry Contact Closure Output for Each Input Monitored.
  • Relay Interface for Maximum Isolation and Noise Immunity.
  • Audible Disable Switch.
  • Compact Design with Self-contained Flasher and Audible Alarm.
  • Common Alarm Relay Output (Contacts Transfer When Any Point Goes Flashing, Resets When
  • Acknowledged).
  • Power Fail Relay Output.
  • Termination by 50 Pin AMP Champ® Connector.
  • LEDs Used on All Displays Including Legend Windows.
  • Power Input 12, 24, 48 or 125 Vdc, 115 or 220 Vac
  • Alarm Inputs: Isolated Contacts or 12, 24, or 48 Vdc
  • For Rack, Panel or Desk Mount.
PE103-48-2B Alarm Annunciator #1
PE103-48-2B Alarm Annunciator #1PE103-48-2B Drawing #1PE103-48-2B Drawing #2PE103-48-2B Drawing #3PE103-48-2B Drawing #4PE103-48-2B Alarm Annunciator #2PE103-48-2B Alarm Annunciator #3


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