Application Note:

Hong Kong International Airport

Posted: 8/17/2018

The Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) is the 8th largest airport in the world. Serving as a hub for travel across Asia, HKG handles large volumes of passenger and cargo traffic. Keeping up with demands for higher capacity and increased efficiency is a priority for HKG. In 2011 the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) announced their plans for the midfield development project. The plans include a large 20 gate passenger concourse, to increase the airports ability to handle more flights each day. New projects included the recently approved third runway implementation.

Since 2010 the AA has specified Puleo Electronics’ remote alarm monitoring system to handle critical alarms at remote locations around the airport. These alarms include conditions such as high temp, intruder, mains supply condition, etc. Reacting to these alarms, operators at the central site can remotely control the starting and stopping of critical standby generators.

  • Puleo NMS software allows monitoring and control for up to 32 remote locations.
  • Puleo Alarm Monitoring equipment offers a compact, reliable, affordable, LED lit, rack mount, configuration.
  • The unit is expandable, with wide choice of power inputs along with ethernet network communication.