PE725 Alarm Annunciator

The Puleo Electronics PE725 Series Alarm Annunciator system is a unique, modular product, used to provide visual and audible indications of an alarm condition, or equipment status. The standard PE725 Series alarm annunciator is designed to meet the majority of alarm specifications.

PE725 4 points PE725 14 point PE725 12 point PE725 48 point

Complete Alarm System

Everything is contained within the standard 725 Annunciator to provide a complete alarm monitoring system. This includes all pushbuttons and a local audible.

Rack Mounting (OPTION)

The Annunciators can be supplied pre-mounted in standard 19" aluminum mounting plates. A maximum of 7 cells will fit across a 19" front plate.


The legends can be supplied as requested or alternatively film legend generation software is available to allow customers the convenience of making their own film legends using a standard laser printer.

Alarm Contacts

All inputs are opto-coupled, (isolated from the supply on request). The standard unit is suitable for volt-free contacts or 24Vdc voltage inputs. Optional inputs voltages include 48V, 125V, 110V, 250 V, AC or DC.

Power Supplies

The supply required to power the annunciator in nominally 24 Vdc. Puleo can supply suitable power supplies or DC/DC converters if converting from other AC or DC voltages.

  • All sizes from 1 to 252 points
  • "No master Module" ASIC technology so there is no single point of failure
  • Only 145mm (5.71") installed depth
  • Three different window sizes
  • Ultra-bright LED illumination
  • User programmable from the front for alarm sequences and function
  • Five relay outputs as standard
  • Individual repeat relays for all points
  • Modbus available as an option