PE725 Configurator

The PE725 is a modular designed product allowing the user to customize the unit based on options like window size, number of cells wide and high. The window size determines how many alarm points fit into a cell, with large providing 1 point per cell, medium providing 2 points and small providing 4 points. Each alarm point is labelled by a number and the bottom right cell is where the pushbutton module is located (remote option availabe). Start configuring your unit and a rendering will be generated to give you an idea of how the layout will look.

High Speed Modbus Communication

Modbus allows PE 725ā€™s to communicate with each other or to 3rd party devices such as Computers and PLC's for SCADA applications. Communications is via RS485/RS422 using 2 or 4 wires and can easily be converted to RS232 using a suitable external converter.

With small window configuration this option takes up 2 alarm points.

Remote Pushbutton Module

As an option the required pushbutton/programming module can be located remote from the Annunciator fascia. One pushbutton module is capable of controlling a maximum of 256 alarm ways either to a single Annunciator or distributed between multiple Annunciators.

Repeat Relays

The Repeat Relay option provides (1) Form ā€œCā€ Output labelled NC / NO / Rx for each Alarm Input.

Installed depth: 5.71 in (145 mm)

Many configurations are available off the shelf from stock, for immediate delivery.

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