The Company

Puleo Electronics Inc. was founded in New York by Rosario Puleo in 1968. It has since grown into a global company with customers and affiliates worldwide.
Puleo provides engineering solutions to alarm monitoring requirements, using our range of hardware and software products. Our experienced engineers assist customers in the application of Puleo products and develop new products and engineering solutions to suit customers' requirements.

Products and Industries

Technically, Puleo is focused in 3 areas:

  • Monitor and Control Systems, Hardware and Software
  • Power Distribution and Protection Systems
  • Interconnection Devices used in Electronic System

Our customers come from a broad range of industries with unique applications.

pe725 alarm annunciator

Company Vision

The vision for Puleo Electronics, was shaped by our founder Rosario Puleo. He believed in helping the customers with their specific problem and forming relationships. It was Rosario's vision that lead to the companies growth and has brought us some well known customers over the years.

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