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PE103-RTU Alarm Annunciator

Price: $1,632.00
Part Number: PE103-RTU
Manufacturer: Puleo Electronics

PE103-RTU-48S Product Features

  • RTU/Annunciator Server for up to 48 Alarm Points
  • Ethernet and RS232/RS422 Ports
  • SDP Alarm Software
  • 1 RU
  • 12 Vdc, 24 Vdc, 125 Vdc, 110 Vac, or 220 Vac Power Input

PE103-RTU Product Line Description

The PE103-RTU Annunciator is available with built-in Ethernet and RS232/422 communications for RTU capabilities. The RTU Alarm Server can report up to 48 individual alarms or 8 group alarms such as Critical, Major and Minor. Servers support up to 4 Ethernet clients and 1 Serial port client. Our SDP Computer Alarm software is included at no extra charge.

In addition, new Opto-Isolator Inputs allow the alarms to be triggered from a wide range of voltages or dry contacts. These versatile and compact RTU Annunciators make it easy to create plug & play Alarm Reporting Systems.

PE103-RTU Annunciators are available in three configurations:

  • Alarm Server with encoder technology
  • Alarm Client with decoder technology
  • No Communications (Field upgradable for future expansion)

Server configurations can handle up to 5 Clients:

  • 4 Ethernet Clients
  • 1 RS232/RS422 Client
PE103-RTU-48S Alarm Annunciator
PE103-RTU-48S Alarm AnnunciatorPE103-RTU-48S Alarm AnnunciatorPE103-RTU-48S Typical Application #1PE103-RTU-48S Typical Application #2PE103-RTU-48S Rear Panel LayoutPE103-RTU-48S Ordering Information


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